DNA Testing

Paternity tests
DNA paternity testing helps determine whether a man is the biological father of a child. All people inherit genetic code, or DNA, from their biological parents. A DNA test compares a child’s DNA structure with that of a potential father. This determines whether the child and the potential parent are biologically related. After the birth of a baby, his/her paternity can be determined by means of a DNA paternity test, which will not only allow him to quickly find out whether the dad and child sample overlap, but will also allow to remain completely confidential.

The result of the DNA test is either rejection (the potential parent cannot be the father of the child concerned) or confirmation (the possible parent is the biological father of the child). If the result of the paternity test is positive, the DNA Test partner laboratory Asper Biotech AS guarantees the result with an accuracy of at least 99.9%. If the result is negative– with an accuracy of 100.00%.

You can order a DNA test on our website. The test material will be sent to you at the specified address by regular mail or to the confidential parcel terminal. In any case, we guarantee you complete privacy. DNA samples from at least two participants (father and child) or three participants (father, child and mother) shall be taken for the test. It is recommended to add a sample of the mother’s DNA, but this is optional. DNA samples, together with the completed consent form, shall be sent directly to the laboratory in the sampling envelope. The delivery of the kit and the sending of samples are free of charge. The test results are sent no later than within 10 working days to the e-mail address provided by you.

Other kinship tests
In addition to the DNA paternity test DNA Test, other kinship tests are available. We currently offer a sibling relationship test.

The sibling relationship identification test helps to find out whether the two subjects are biologically related siblings. A DNA test determines the extent to which the DNA of the two subjects overlaps. The test result confirms whether the subjects are: (1) siblings; 2) half-siblings; 3) completely unrelated.

The test is carried out between two offspring, and their intergenerationally can be studied in two different cases. In the first case, the mother of the offspring studied is not the same and they want to know if their biological father is the same person. In the second case, the mother of the offspring studied is the same and they want to know if their biological father is the same person. If possible, it is advisable to include the mother in the study. We can also take a sibling identification test if the mother is unavailable. The cost of the sibling identification test varies if it also includes mother’s DNA samples. NB! After sampling, it is very important to indicate on the eyelids whether the test subjects have the same mother.

Asper Biotech an Estonian biotechnology company founded in 1999, is engaged in gene analysis and genetic testing. Asper Biotech focuses on the development of new genetic tests. Several genetic testing tests have been developed in collaboration with the world’s best scientists. Many of Asper Bioteh’s research partners are prestigious universities and research institutions in the US and Europe. Asper Biotech has ISO 15189:2012, ISO 9001:2015 and CLIA quality management certificates.

All relevant material – sample collection kit and answers – is presented in plain neutral packaging. The DNA samples you send will be destroyed three months after the test and no third party, organisation or agency can even receive some of the information you have provided. We guarantee full confidentiality throughout the investigation.

Refund within 14 days
We offer the possibility to get a refund within 14 days. If you decide to cancel your purchase, please contact us within 14 days from the date of booking. The amount will be refunded to your account within a few days.

Test kit

Taking a DNA sample is a quick and reliable procedure. If you have ordered a test kit, the material will be sent to you at the specified address by regular mail or to the confidential parcel terminal within four working days. The kit includes:

– Consent form
– Sampling instructions.
– Cotton sticks for sampling and envelopes containing sticks containing the samples taken. Two cotton wool sticks and a separate envelope shall be assigned to each test kit.
– Addressed envelope for sending samples, containing envelopes containing DNA samples and a consent form.

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