It is not recommended to eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth, chew chewing gum, and use breath-smelling resuscent agents for at least 30 minutes before taking a DNA sample. Two DNA samples are taken from one person.

First step. Fill in the fields on the envelope for the required information
Take the sample envelope. Make sure that you mark on the envelope the person (father, child, mother) you are taking before taking the samples. Fill in all the fields on the envelope with the necessary information exactly.

Second step. Take DNA samples with cotton wool sticks
Open the package from the cotton wool stick pick-up side and remove the sterile cotton wool stick from the package.
Attention! Do not touch the cotton wool-coated part of the cotton wool with your hands and do not place them on a table or other surface.

Take a look, add a cotton wool stick to the mucous membrane of the cheek, move the stick up and down, left and right. Try to keep the cotton wool stick attached to the mucous membrane of the cheek throughout the procedure. In order to get enough cells on the cotton wool stick, rotate the stick between the fingers during sampling. Repeat the same procedure with both cotton wool sticks. Use one stick for the right and the other for the left cheek.

Third step. Put the cotton wool sticks in the original package and then place them in the original package by taking a sample of the mouth with cotton wool sticks in a paper envelope
and then in a paper envelope for the samples. Once you have taken the samples with two cotton wool sticks, place them in a paper envelope of the person concerned (father, child, mother) and seal it.

Step four. Perform the first, second and third steps for each test person
Take samples of each test person in accordance with the above instructions.

Step five. Please complete and sign the consent form “Consent Document” accurately.
Fill in the required blank fields and sign the “Consent Document” form

Step six. When returning, place all envelopes with DNA samples and the “Consent Document” in a return envelope. Take the envelope to the post office.

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